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Minelib Description

Similar to the mixed-integer programming library (MIPLIB), we present a library of publicly available test problem instances for three classical types of open pit mining problems: the ultimate pit limit problem and two variants of open pit production scheduling problems.

Minelib initiative has been developed by:

Download here our paper describing this initiative: [Preprint version]

Block-model and Precedences files

Minelib include a block-model & precedences file for each mine. Block file is a text file with one line per block, providing different information in each case. See each instance for details.  Precedence files provide the information for each block of which blocks that should be extracted previously.  These two files provide all the basic information about each instance, and can be used for different purpose, not only the three problems defined in the document.

Preprocessed Model Classes

From the block file information, we provide preprocessed files for three particular problem classes, the Ultimate Pit Problem (UPIT), the Constrained Pit Limit Problem (CPIT) and the more general Precedence Constrained Production Scheduling Problem (PCPSP).  We describe here the mathematical formulation of this three problems.


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UPIT formulation


CPIT formulation


PCPSP formulation

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